Pet Photography

Some people say I am crazy for working with animals and children; it’s fun and I love it and will even go with photographing them together and the results are well worth it.  After all your pets are important members of your family.

DOGS – from cute puppies to grumpy old dogs greying around the jowls, all are fun to photograph some more challenging than others.  I have photographed almost every breed of dog there is in NZ as well as many character crossbreeds.

CATS – are more difficult to capture than dogs. Kittens are easier to photograph than older cats that have minds of their own however we have ways to entice them to where we want them.

You have a choice of having your beloved pet photographed in the studio or on location.

HORSES – obviously have to be photographed on location.  There is an art to photographing horses and it takes patience and time.

Other pet photography I have done include rabbits, parrots, a Clydesdale foal and whole litters of puppies.

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Studio Session $100 Location Fee - $165 Pets