Maternity & Newborn Photography

The best time to have a maternity shoot is when you are around 34 -36 weeks; your tummy has a lovely round contour to show your baby bump off.

Capturing this special and most intimate time is close to my heart due to having experienced pregnancy three times, so much so I even studied midwifery for a whole year in 2012 and cared for women in labour resulting in the births of 14 babies. ..WOW!

Planning is key to creating great maternity and/or newborn photography and it is important to discuss the various options available.  The choice is yours whether you would like a studio, location or outdoor shoot.

STUDIO SESSIONS – private, warm, different backdrops so no distracting backgrounds.  Here you may like to bring some items from home such as important cultural items like jewellery and clothing.

YOUR OWN HOME – private, warm, may choose various props and clothing that will be at your fingertips.  We work with your own environment and a good source of available light to essential.

TIPS for Maternity Shoots:

  • Wear plain underwear (white, black or coloured)
  • Large plain white or black shirt or a long flowing housecoat
  • Avoid wearing tight bras as the straps leave marks on your body eg your shoulders as you may like a bare shoulder and belly shot.  (I also carry ‘boob-tubes’)

The best time to photograph newborn babies is within the first two weeks after birth to capture that gorgeous newborn look.  I recommend contacting me within the first few days after birth to ensure an appointment will be available to suit you.  As this is a very intense time adjusting to this new little family member, if on the day you are not up to it please do not be scared to reschedule.  Baby’s skin can sometimes have blemishes that come and go; do not worry as almost all babies have some blemishes that need to be removed.

It is important to allow plenty of time to avoid feeling pressured about how it ‘should’ all go.  We let baby lead the way and just go with the flow.  If baby needs feeding or winding we stop and tend to baby’s needs.

Some clients choose to have the session at their own home and others prefer the studio.  Either works for me.  I also have a collection of props/cloths I use in both locations.


  • If the shoot is at your own home, clear a space in a naturally lit room (large window/french doors etc).  Your own bedroom can work well too.
  • Heat the room to a temperature where it would be comfortable to sit naked.
  • Have towels, bibs, baby wipes and nappies handy for the not so unexpected spills etc.
  • Try and time a feed about half an hour before the appointment.
  • Have the baby dressed in just a nappy at this feed and wrapped loosely so this minimizes disturbing him/her.
  • Baby may need feeding again during the photo session and this is expected.
  • You may like to use props such as headbands, hats or a hand-knitted blanket for example.  Other props some have used include pounamu pendants, traditional tivaivai, lei’s or tapa cloth.
  • If you have other children you would love to include I recommend an extra pair of hands to help.

Newborn baby photography requires a lot of patience.  Due to my wonderful experience as a trainee midwife and my many years as a photographer I am a natural at handling newborn babies.

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Photography session $100 Studio $165 Location Maternity/Newborn Combo Session - SPECIAL only $200 Baby, Children, Maternity & Newborn Photography