Family & People Photography

Young families, families with teens, families with adult children and extended families including grandparents are some of the myriad of families I have photographed extensively.  There is an art to creating beautiful images of your family that look natural and timeless.  You may prefer to be photographed at a location such as your local beach or park.  Your own home may be perfect for a shoot.  It all depends on the look you want.  A family photo shoot includes shots taken of all the family and various breakdowns including individuals.  The family dog/s may be included in the shoot after all they are an important member of your family.  Results are viewed at the studio during the purchasing session where you are able to see the varied ways of displaying your family’s photographs.


  • Best time for location photography is morning or late afternoon.
  • Family portraits take about one hour however extended family groups maybe longer.
  • If you have a baby or young child choose a time when they are at their best.
  • Clothing should be plain in colour and avoid any bold patterns and stripes as this is very distracting to the eye of the viewer.
  • Clothing works best if they are similar, either all in lighter tones or all in darker tones.  This avoids the checkerboard look.  If one member wears white and everyone else is in jeans and darker tones, you know who will stand out the most (yes the one in white).
  • If in doubt bring an extra top or shirt etc.
  • Bare arms and legs can draw the eye to those areas.  Avoid sleeveless tops, baggy sweatshirts and skirts or dresses that are too tight.
  • For glasses it is recommended obtaining an empty pair of frames from your optometrist.  The most difficult glasses to work with are ones that are really thick and ones that tint in daylight.

I encourage you to STOP and take the time to celebrate your family in a fun photo shoot now.  It will be something you will be glad to have done.  Do not put it off any longer.  For a FREE CONSULTATION or to discuss your requirements –

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Family Sessions - $165 Extended Family Sessions - $225 Family