Children’s Photography

From babies to teens I love working with them all.  Babies and toddlers can be so spontaneous; some need a little time to warm while other children you have to be quick.  It takes skill to capture real photographs of children, photographs that show their personalities. Children’s Photography sessions can take place in the studio or on location (beach, park, your own home), it all depends on the look you want.

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  • Babies and toddlers are best photographed when they are at their best.  Time appointments after a nap and a snack.  Half an hour before their usual nap is not an ideal time for a photo session.
  • Do not get toddlers and young children to practice smiling; this always results in a forced false smile and makes them conscious of smiling.  Leave that up to the photographer.
  • If appropriate bring props from home.  Ideas include their favourite teddy, trucks, or items showing their sport, music or other interests that are important to them.  Even a favourite chair.
  • Teens – often parents and teens opinions differ when it comes to clothing.  Bring both options if possible as this usually appeases all.  It is very satisfying to capture an image of a teen that THEY really like of themselves.  A positive image of themselves is great for their self-esteem.
  • Clothing should be plain in colour and avoid any bold patterns and stripes as this is very distracting to the eye of the viewer.
  • For groups of children the clothing works best if they are similar, either all in lighter tones or all in darker tones.  This avoids the checkerboard look.

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Studio Session $100 Location Fee $165 Children